Monday, 24 September 2018

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Corporate Valuation & Equity Research

Veritaseum proprietary research, videos, interactive models and data that analyze and value companies. The research is...Read more
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Global Macro Analysis & Opportunity

Global macro analysis and opportunity.Read more
1 Course

Blockchain Technology & Digital Asset Management

Blockchain technology and related topicsRead more
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ReggieMiddleton Compare VeGold stable token to Tether and any other....
Less than a minute ago
ReggieMiddleton Taking delivery of VeGold, Veritized gold tokens , is cheaper than buying physical bullion direct in New Zealand.
44 minutes ago
ReggieMiddleton Satisfied European VeGold customer in physical receipt of thier 5 grams of Veritized gold.
About an hour ago
ReggieMiddleton Satisfied VeGold redemption customer out of Europe....
About an hour ago
ReggieMiddleton RT @bensemchee: Commodity Traders, Major Banks Back New Blockchain Platform (null) via @CoinDesk This is part of what I was taking about i…
Saturday, 22 September 2018 21:06

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