Thursday, 17 January 2019

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ReggieMiddleton @JosephCaiello I will likely do an AMA Thursday or Friday. Be aware that I can no longer be as free with private co… https://t.co/ciLzUAiZnv
About 5 hours ago
ReggieMiddleton @SamanthaJane73 I'm at the Clevelender now, for a short while. Come meet me.
About 5 hours ago
ReggieMiddleton RT @KingOfCoinz: @ReggieMiddleton I wish I could be there the roadmap for Veritaseum a year ago is literally what… https://t.co/4odwbqmmJt
About 5 hours ago
ReggieMiddleton I am on my way to the Miami Bitcoin conference. Anyone who wants to sit down and talk tokenized metals, macro and V… https://t.co/HhuVVssqK0
About 14 hours ago
ReggieMiddleton Watch "A Clear Explanation Of How The Euro Will Fail" https://t.co/lXTKIBJZme and then take note of how prescient i… https://t.co/EgH5xfETau
About 15 hours ago

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