Monday, 27 September 2021

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All research will now be offered through Veritaseum University. We will no longer post research directly to this section of the site.

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ReggieMiddleton @edwardnh There's demand for old school crypto macro on @RealVision. Suggested to @AshBennington passing by… https://t.co/7vR2S7ymfH
About an hour ago
ReggieMiddleton RT @JohnEDeaton1: Many people have asked recently how to join the other 20 plus thousand XRPHolders. 👇
About 4 hours ago
ReggieMiddleton RT @Se7enC0stanza: @RaoulGMI @novogratz Please get @ReggieMiddleton on. He is very bright and contrarian even among… https://t.co/XsR8DOIV9f
About 7 hours ago
ReggieMiddleton RT @Jules___7: @RaoulGMI @novogratz +1 @ReggieMiddleton, strong macro analyst. He was the first to implement swaps… https://t.co/odENyeRM02
About 7 hours ago
ReggieMiddleton @47Cardiff Yes, non-starter. Two totally different sets of regulatory issues and economics. Trying to mix software… https://t.co/2ybgNPAlFG
About 7 hours ago

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