Tuesday, 28 March 2017

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All research will now be offered through Veritaseum University. We will no longer post research directly to this section of the site.

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ReggieMiddleton Thanks for the recent follow @altondrew @SpicePay @samibrown17_sam Happy to connect :) have a great Monday.
About 6 hours ago
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ReggieMiddleton @VenyaGeskin1 @SamsungMobileUS brings new mobile media consumption https://t.co/gDZWUziHHn when compared to iPhones… https://t.co/jau9sZP7Rw
About 7 hours ago
ReggieMiddleton The robot bricklayer 20 times faster than a human and which never needs a tea break. This is where jobs are going https://t.co/6svSazSmJ5
About 7 hours ago
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ReggieMiddleton After this repeal debacle, GOP should be cautious about false drama. Credibility's fleeting & they're destroying it https://t.co/khnxbDw6xt
About 8 hours ago
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ReggieMiddleton Our Apple Analysis This Week- This Company Is Not What Most Think It is https://t.co/neRI99YFxF https://t.co/OIYDqkUXq5
About 8 hours ago

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