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Reggie-i am a single grandmother--over 70 of two beloved grandchildren whose mother's family is from Jamaica. She has alot of issues about being from Jamaica and i want to do something for my grandkids that they do not inherit shame around being from that background. I heard you are trying to process a contract to replace or build an alternative to the Jamaican stock market with veri. I also understand you are now doing something with veri and silver and gold. I have not been able to get into the crypto market because i do not have a smart phone and would not know what to do with one-i just have a land line so the exchanges won't let me purchase anything-esp. veri. How can i buy some veri for my grandkids--is there anyone at your end that can help me? I understand you are very busy but maybe someone can help me??? by the way, i hate Deutche bank--they have been trying to steal my paid for house for several years now-because when i settled my note with bofa, instead of retiring my note, they sold it on the evil derivatives market. Any help or direction you can provide, i would so appreciate it-i am not rich-could only do 1K or so for my grandkids future. thanks