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Forgive my ignorance. I fail to see how this platform, can reduce transaction costs, where there are multiple transactions over time. As someone who has traded both stocks, Binary Options, and spread-betted various instruments. The costs are usually either fixed in advance (as an example - £15.00 for shares upto the value of £2,500.00) and then up in stages dependent on the value of the trade. In a spread-betting account, there are no fees except the spread, which on massively traded items, like the "Cable" (USD/GBP cross) costs can be as little as 0.0001 or 0.00015 of the value of a currency (Up or down) times the value of the trade. so no more than 1/10th, or 1/15th of 1%, which is pretty good.

I also wonder about enforcement in a contract where the parties to the contract fail to deliver (particularly with service contracts). Surely legal services - taking someone to court, and gaining a judgement - whilst perhaps easier with the contract terms set in stone and therefore evidential) but a court will surely still be needed?