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what is the ICO pricing ?
51Million VER issued out of 100Million ?
is it an auction ?
in the Veritaseum token tutorial it says that
"One VERI Token costs 0.0333 Ether. so for one Ether you get 30 VERI Tokens!"
i see nowhere else mention on this price. How do we know for sure this is going to be the exchange rate ? when submitting the sale through ETH wallet

btw, based on a ETH token price of 50 USD, that means the valuation of VER is
100 * 50 / 30 = 166M USD. and that you are trying to sell 51% of it, around 85M USD.

Excuse me, but thats a very bubbly valuation for a "token", not even shares, so with very vague rights, for a software product which doesn't exist anywhere else than a beta version, so effectively 0 paying customers. How many lines of codes ? is it on GitHub ?

Some tokens for "decentralized prediction markets" have a higher valuation of that, but thats because of market speculation. They weren't able to sell that much in the ICO... Actually GNOSIS ICO is going on (at a crazy valuation) but they're selling only 10-20M at a time....

btw, i see no buzz at all in reddit/ethtrader which gives some temperature of ICOs, i see also that as worrying.

Despite all my respect for your work and your personality I won't touch it. I've been following the crypto market for a while now, and there were much better deals, and there still are. I think you're being too greedy here. Good luck though to you. and especially to the investors, they need even more luck than you.