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@Eric The purchase instructions as presented here:

Get MyetherWallet (if you are not thoroughly experienced in Ethereum).

Fund with Ether. If you do not have Ether, you can swap Bitcoin for Ether using the "Swap" facility of the wallet. This is relatively expensive as compared to trading BTC for ETH in an exchange such as Poloniex or Coinbase, through. The utility is there for convenience or if you don't have an exchange account.

On 25th, at 9:30 AM, you can swap/purchase Veri tokens by sending in ETH to the Veritas Purchase Smart contract as described here . USing is easiest. DO NOT use for if you send ETH fom there the VERI tokens will be sent to, not to you. You must own, possess and control the wallet that you send your ETH from and interact with our smart contracts from.

Veri tokens are Veritaseum's internal programmable tokens needed for it's smart contracts,, financial machines and advisory services.

You cannot use VERI tokens to for buying/selling goods locally or internationally since it is not a fungible currency (or at least that is not what we are selling it as). We are selling it as keys to our Fintech solutions and advisory services. You can freely trade VERI tokens on any exchange that may list them and/or freely trade them with other individuals and entities - and you can trade them for whatever said party is willing to give you inreturn, but alas, that is not what we are selling them for or selling them as.
Buy Ether or Bitcoin
Swap for Veri
Do trade contract
Swap back to Ether or Bitcoin
Convert to local currency