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@Jon Lobatto Very good questions. The Ve will be used as the token that powers the vehicles, thus instead of using Eth or BTC, you will use Ve. The vehicles themselves can contain value attached to Eth, Ve, IBM stock or even hedge fund indices. If Veritaseum is a success, then the greater value of the Ve actually buys more assets in the contract, thus the problem balances itself out (in short, as you put it, the Ve will be tied to the contract's notional value - consider the Ve to be the new digital dollar).
The Ve is also divisible by more than 8 digits, hence very small amounts can be accessed to enter contracts.
A good example is the ICODAO (see Ve would be used to purchase access to a smart contract that purchases the digital tokens of what the DAO considers promising startups. The research, access and storage of those tokens and token providers will be handled by the DAO, but the only way to access that bundle would be to spend Ve to purchase the DAO tokens. If the DAO's selection triples or quadruples in price, you get access to that increase in value.