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Hi Reggie,

Jon here again. Please feel free to publish this or answer privately. I still have several questions about VE. You have stated that VE will be required to participate in P2P contracts in Veritaseum. However, since an individual does not know how many VE will be required per contract and/or if the amount of VE required will be based on the notional amount of the contract or some other formula, it is impossible to even make a guesstimate as to how much they may be worth. This may be true of all ICOs and it is a reason I have not participated in any of the thousands of ICOs (most of which are close to worthless). However, if I knew that one VE will be required for any P2P contract, I could at least compare it to a brokerage fee and get some feel for the potential value.

In addition, if the price of VE rises, it in essence makes the admission fee to a P2P contract higher. Finally, if Veritaseum proves to be a huge success (hopefully it is) there may not be enough VE 'admission tickets'. Would you then dilute the supply of VE to accommodate?