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Reggie Middleton

Reggie Middleton

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The vendors and proprietors of blockchain solutions have almost all traveled the private blockchain route. We, at Veritaseum, have decided to go in the opposite direction.

Update: Demand for the Tribeca Film Festival Imagination day is greater than expected. It's way past sold out. Even the hedge funds are blocked from getting in. We're postponing bank disrupt demo.

Veritaseum has partnered up with Hatchery and Tribeca Film Festival to bring education, experience and insight into what is easily one of the most disruptive, status quo busting and misunderstood paradigm shifts of the new millennium  - the birth of the P2P economy and the ValuNet (the new “Internet of value”).

We are doing this through an amazing day of innovation and imagination @TribecaFilm Festival. Think the second coming of the Internet meets TED meets the economic Singularity.

carbanak2.0executableExecutable files founded in SHIM during Carbanak incident response

Following up on my detailed analysis of the faux pas of private blockchains and the possibility of 4 year settlement times endured by Lehman's counterparties from yesterday, I want to expound upon the extreme likelihood of a bank consortium blockchain being compromised through outright theft!

blockchain panel

I attended a panel discussion on private blockchains in banking at UBS in NYC last night. There were two overarching misconceptions that appeared to permeate the discussions:

  1. Counterparties can be trusted, hence you can build reliable systems with trusted parties, and;

  2. Capital markets are, and always will be predicated upon the legacy, highly centralized hub and spoke model that we know today. Basically, the influential gatekeepers that control access to a centralized, authoritative exchange.

I grew up in a small town in Long Island with some very funny people, Howard Stern and Eddie Murphy. Eddie had a skit in his stand-up comedy "Raw" which is a reminiscent of the macro scene of the modern day EU. Let me know if you get it...

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