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Friday, 23 January 2015 00:00

An Introduction to the Veritseum Business Model Featured

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 We have finally complete a version of our internal business plan that is suitable for outside, non-NDA'd viewing. I'm so proud of it that I've decided to actually use it as a marketing document. It contains the near to moderate term future in no uncertain words. Let's review some of the salient points made therein...

BusinessPlanRedux very hi-res optimization Page 01BusinessPlanRedux very hi-res optimization Page 03

Before we begin, it can't be stressed enough that this is not an offer of securities. What we have done was to take the concept of the smart contract dn extrapolate it to the entire Wall Street banking function, sans the regulatory constaints, capital requirements and credit/counterparty risks of being and actual bank. Yes, today's nascent technologies allow you to do this!

 BusinessPlanRedux very hi-res optimization Page 04BusinessPlanRedux very hi-res optimization Page 05

BusinessPlanRedux very hi-res optimization Page 13BusinessPlanRedux very hi-res optimization Page 17BusinessPlanRedux very hi-res optimization Page 18BusinessPlanRedux very hi-res optimization Page 19BusinessPlanRedux very hi-res optimization Page 21BusinessPlanRedux very hi-res optimization Page 22

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