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Wednesday, 22 October 2014 00:00

Apple's RDF Is Quickly Diffused by Simple Arithmetic - Why Can't Sell Side Wall Street Do Simple Arithmetic??? Featured

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Yesterday, I attended (and apparently partially disrupted) the Bitcoin Law: Regulatory and Transactions Symposium at the New York Law School yesterday morning. See pics below, and make no mistake about it... the world is putting serious intellectual capital into the bitcoin economy now. There's no turning back!

20141021 100709

20141021 095354

This panel presided over a discussion of payments and transactions...

20141021 095358

Needless to say, the topic of Apple and Apple Pay came up. All of a sudden... BOOM! The RDF appeared out of nowhere and filled the room. Apple is this, Apple is that, Apple is so great as compared to Google. My regular readers and followers know the routine.

My regular readers and followers also know that I couldn't just sit back and let the Apple RDF simply disrupt everything true, factual and real, so I stepped in and... well, I disrupted :-). Unfortunately, I didn't get video of it since I was the one disrupting so I decided to put a little home made video in after the fact. Enjoy!

Those who wish to try our new trading platform to go long or short Apple or Google, or both - simply download the client and the quickstart guide, and let 'er rip! Remember, this is the only place you can trade at this level - peer to peer, without banks, brokerages or exchanges and the counterparty/credit risk and privacy issues that they introduce.

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