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Monday, 29 September 2014 00:00

Using UltraCoin to Monetize the Repercussions of Russia's Interactions with EU & US Economic Sanctions Featured

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The following are a series of tweets I made on this topic this morning...





The following is a quick pictorial for those who wish to take a short position on the major Russian equity index or the ruble (both of which has seen marked declines over the last month) using either our micropayments system for small trades under $5 down to a few pennies, or larger trades up to several million.

First a setup to short the Russian Stock Index, denominated in USD.

Short Russuan Equity Indux in USD

 The "place order" dialog offers a summary of the smart contract to be issued. The contract is set to end at the close of trading at the NYSE. The setting takes advantage of a new feature that we've implemented to facilitate more control over your trades and contracts via an advanced smart contract terms entry system. See below

advanced smart contract terms entry system 

This allows you to set the time the swap contract starts, ends, and is cancelled - all before you put your contract out to be accepted by any other party. You can also set and adjust you collateral requirements (think margin) for assets that may be perceived as less (or more) risky. This puts the Veritaseum UltraCoin system pretty much at feature parity with typical online, bulge bracket or discount brokers and offers much more in terms of tradeable inventory or safety. An example of said safety was illustrated in "Warning To Exchange, Brokerage & Investment Bank Customers: Don't Try Micro Transactions & Full Transparency Fund Flow Tracing At Home".

Below you see trade set up shorting the Russian ruble to receive long exposure to the USD. If you want to take the opposite side to this, or the trade above, simply hit the "switch" button in between "Receive" and "Pay" and it will reverse your exposures. It's as simple as that.  

Short Russuan Ruble in USD

This is what those contracts look like after being put out to the UltraCoin market to be accepted by another party...

Russian shorts in trade list 

This CNBC/Max Keiser video clip is now so appropo!

Go to the 4:00 mark...

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