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Friday, 29 August 2014 00:00

Warning To Exchange, Brokerage & Investment Bank Customers: Don't Try Micro Transactions & Full Transparency Fund Flow Tracing At Home Featured

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 I have been putting a lot of high level trading opinion on the Reddit Bitcoin forums. In answering one of the forum's patrons that has been trying out our platform, I put together a graphic that was quite enlightening as to several major advantages our platform has over practically any other in existence.

  1. Microtransactions are finally here! This trade was done for 45 cents (.0009 BTC) and the user can profit from a sharp move (over 10% in aggregate), despite fees. Nowhere else can you make a 45 cent trade and expect to profit.
  2. Flexibility is supreme! This particular trade was a swap of Argentinian peso exposure for bitcoin exposure. A very custom, and timely, trade indeed. The level of customization achievable by the platform was discussed in these four recent articles.
    1. Using Veritaseum's UltraCoin To Take Direct, Specific Positions On The Argentine Default For As Little As $5!"
    2. We've Successfully Recreated Wall Street Banks & Brokerages As P2P Software: See the Argentinian Default Trade Bear Fruit Through Bitcoin!
    3. If You Believe The Oil Bull Market Is Over, This Is How To Monetize It Through

    4. The Easiest, Fastest Way To Short Bitcoin

  3. Total, Absolute, Unequivocally Unmatched Transparency and Openness! Users of Veritaseum's UltraCoin Bitcoin wallet can easily trace his/her flow of funds through the blockchain for any given trade or smart contract generated on the platform. This is a very, very powerful feature that can't be matched by anyone who takes possession of the fund - such as exchanges (who have to be audited by 3rd parties to ensure trust), banks (who have to be audited by 3rd parties to ensure trust) and brokerages (who have to be audited by 3rd parties to ensure trust). We use the open power of the blockchain, distributed trust, to bring a level of transparency that is unheard of - particularly given the power and flexibility of the product at hand.

short peso long BTC - follow trade through blockchain

This CNBC/Max Keiser video clip is now so appropo!

Now, all you need is the know how, which my team and I have provided in abundance over the years...

Go to the 4:00 mark...

Click here to download the UltraCoin client.

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