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What is the Value Proposition For Veritas? Featured

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A Veritaseum Smart Contract form.

advanced tab 2.0

A YouTube commenter asked a very good question that we will like to take some time to answer. The question was, verbatim:

I've watched your video and gone through the slides. The exchange I "get". I think it has great potential. However, I don't understand the case for Veritas at all and I think many others will feel the same. You state that Veritas can be used to buy consulting and advisory services. OK, but what is the cost in Veritas? Will that change or will it be fixed? What is the advantage of using Veritas over cash to buy this information?
The cost will be our stated rates, and will fluctuate with the VeUSD exchange rate. The advantage of using Ve over cash is that our consulting and advisory services are a very scarce commodity (like most labor), although the research is much less so (as it can scale via platform). Thus, Veritas holders get priority. I want to make it perfectly clear that Veritas ICO is much, much more than mere research and advisory. Consider that the icing on the cake. The ability to redeem your Ve against us gives instant value. In addition, we have a working, beta product already developed (not quite production ready for the masses, but it has been running in the public doman for serveral years now). In addition, we also own our IP. Where some coin offerings only offer the promise of future development (as do we, to be sure), we also have something to offer in the here and now.  
You also state that Veritas will be needed to gain access to various digital platforms. That sure sounds like a "fee" to me unless Veritas is free which is obviously not the case. So the whole innovation is free contracts that are not really free?
You are confusing ongoing management and administration fees (among other constant fees as well as sales fees) with needing the Ve token for access to the P2P Capital Markets. The digital asset pools will exist autonomously on the blockchain without a centralized manager to charge any fees for profit or rent seeking gain. Think of using ether to gain access to the Ethereum blockchain, or bitcoin to gain access to the Bitcoin blockchain. One could pose the argument that entering a smart contract on Ethereum  or Bitcoin isn't free due to the cost of ether or BTC, but in all practicality those tokens are the denominating asset for their respective blockchains an contracts. The same will hold true for Veritaseum contracts although we will strive to be token agnostic. You will be able to gain liquidity (to some extent) to exchange tokens, and use various assets in our asset pools as long as you have Ve (Veritas) as the key to entrance.
More importantly, the fees that truly matter, that enable the multitude of multimillion dollar Wall Street bonuses and that eat up the vast majority of investor's capital, are ongoing management and administration fees. Reference this screen shot from slide 10 of the Veritas presentation
What Are Veritas 4
As stated above, think of Veritas as Ethereum for finance, investment and interactive value exchange. The difference is that we will have rapid development templates for certain (and hopefully many) contracts that allow the lay person to quickly create, implement and execute their own smart contracts without the need for, or assistance of a developer, finance whiz or lawyer (although that does not mean that it wouldn't be a good idea to have specialized expertise on hand when dealing with certain transactions, hence Ve for advisory). In order for you to access the smart contract templates (or access the P2P Capital Markets with contracts you develop on your own), you will need Ve. This rapid contracting system exists already in the Veritaseum platform. See this contract that allows the purchase of Qualcomm equity exposure through the sale of Intel equity exposure, created by the filling in of a simple form.
intel short thorugh Veritaseum
With the assistance of the ICO, we can create more sophisticated forms with more flexibility, direct exposure to APIs, and pre-fabricated software pools of exposures to those seeking such through smart contract forms such as these. Also of importance, we can decentralize (or potentially fully distribute) the server, making the entire system more robust, and near anti-fragile.
Also, no disrespect intended, but what happens to Veritaseum and Veritas if you were (to be blunt), drop dead tomorrow? If any of bitcoins developers died, it would have zero effect on the price or utility of bitcoin. Veritas might as well be called Reggie Coin and it's pretty obvious what would happen to Reggie Coin in that scenario.
Veritaseum is not Reggie Middleton. It's my brainchild and I'm the (current, until we can get a better) spokesperson, but the skillset to develop such a platform has been over my head nearly since inception. Just measuring what we have now: patents pending, software engineering, financial engineering and analysis, and significant software development - takes a diverse team. We do need to build our team out significantly, which is one of the primary purposes for the ICO. Part and parcel to that buildout will be the hiring of deep and experienced management that will form a healthy chain of succession should anything happen to any one of us - or even several of us.
In addition, we will open source the token-based asset pools and oversee its development with the community. We have no desire to control this. As you may recall from the introductory video, our goal is to significantly and dramatically democratize the finance and investment space. That means access for everyone and anyone, anywhere. Think of how dramatic the change in the media business was with the introduction of the Internet and blogs. Now, everyone and anyone could potentially create content that could nearly instantaneously reach an audience of millions around the world, in a matter of minutes. Did this destroy the media business? No! It expanded it and forced it into the next century, the next paradigm. We're looking to do the exact same thing to Wall Street! 
I hope you'll post some material explaining the use case and the value proposition of Veritas. Thanks.
See the graphic below to see the doors that Verias (Ve) is to serve as the key to open.
Ve value flow chart
The Veritas deal sheet is now available for download, which packs all the information about Veirtas in a signle page. A step by step guide to purchasing Veritas can be downloaded here.
Veritas Deal Sheet
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  • Comment Link Will S. Friday, 04 August 2017 13:46 posted by Will S.

    Forgive my ignorance. I fail to see how this platform, can reduce transaction costs, where there are multiple transactions over time. As someone who has traded both stocks, Binary Options, and spread-betted various instruments. The costs are usually either fixed in advance (as an example - £15.00 for shares upto the value of £2,500.00) and then up in stages dependent on the value of the trade. In a spread-betting account, there are no fees except the spread, which on massively traded items, like the "Cable" (USD/GBP cross) costs can be as little as 0.0001 or 0.00015 of the value of a currency (Up or down) times the value of the trade. so no more than 1/10th, or 1/15th of 1%, which is pretty good.

    I also wonder about enforcement in a contract where the parties to the contract fail to deliver (particularly with service contracts). Surely legal services - taking someone to court, and gaining a judgement - whilst perhaps easier with the contract terms set in stone and therefore evidential) but a court will surely still be needed?

  • Comment Link Reggie Middleton Thursday, 13 April 2017 07:00 posted by Reggie Middleton

    @Jon Lobatto Very good questions. The Ve will be used as the token that powers the vehicles, thus instead of using Eth or BTC, you will use Ve. The vehicles themselves can contain value attached to Eth, Ve, IBM stock or even hedge fund indices. If Veritaseum is a success, then the greater value of the Ve actually buys more assets in the contract, thus the problem balances itself out (in short, as you put it, the Ve will be tied to the contract's notional value - consider the Ve to be the new digital dollar).
    The Ve is also divisible by more than 8 digits, hence very small amounts can be accessed to enter contracts.
    A good example is the ICODAO (see Ve would be used to purchase access to a smart contract that purchases the digital tokens of what the DAO considers promising startups. The research, access and storage of those tokens and token providers will be handled by the DAO, but the only way to access that bundle would be to spend Ve to purchase the DAO tokens. If the DAO's selection triples or quadruples in price, you get access to that increase in value.

  • Comment Link Jon Lobatto Friday, 07 April 2017 22:24 posted by Jon Lobatto

    Hi Reggie,

    Jon here again. Please feel free to publish this or answer privately. I still have several questions about VE. You have stated that VE will be required to participate in P2P contracts in Veritaseum. However, since an individual does not know how many VE will be required per contract and/or if the amount of VE required will be based on the notional amount of the contract or some other formula, it is impossible to even make a guesstimate as to how much they may be worth. This may be true of all ICOs and it is a reason I have not participated in any of the thousands of ICOs (most of which are close to worthless). However, if I knew that one VE will be required for any P2P contract, I could at least compare it to a brokerage fee and get some feel for the potential value.

    In addition, if the price of VE rises, it in essence makes the admission fee to a P2P contract higher. Finally, if Veritaseum proves to be a huge success (hopefully it is) there may not be enough VE 'admission tickets'. Would you then dilute the supply of VE to accommodate?

  • Comment Link Reggie Sunday, 02 April 2017 07:48 posted by Reggie

    To be absolutely honest, we are talking about a system that is not even built yet. We have the P2P value trading system up and running, but it is currently running on the Bitcoin blockchain, to be ported over to Ethereum. We will likely tie the Ve cost to the complexity of the contract, but I would prefer to get the system up and running and into the hands of users before committing.
    We plan to make the platform extremely disruptive, thus by tying cost of contracts to complexity vs notional underlying, we totally upend the status quo's pricing system - which is our goal.
    To put your question into perspective, when Ethereum held its ICO, it was not know what the specific costs and rates of ETH as gas would be for well over a year until the alpha of the platform was built, and even then it was adjusted several times (which is to be expected when building a new platform).
    The same goes for the vast majority of ICOs that are aimed to assist in building out new platforms. What we are doing is building out an entirely new form of capitalism - P2P capital markets. We will need some time to accomplish this, as well as wiggle room.
    Think of this is Ethereum for capital markets, value transfer and intelligent money.
    We do plan on listing Ve on exchanges, but as mentioned in the presentation, Veritaseum will have its own liquidity engine which will will attempt to provide implicit access to other popular tokens, namely BTC, ETH and Ve.USD (which will be redeemable directly for USD on a 1:1 basis).
    Again, please keep the questions and comments coming. They help clarify the offering to many and are greatly appreciated. This is meant in its most sincerest form.

  • Comment Link Jon Saturday, 01 April 2017 23:58 posted by Jon

    Thank you for addressing most of my questions. However, the emphasis of much of it was directed towards Veritaseum more so than Veritas which I still feel is vague in detail. As a for instance, to get access to the trades you used as an illustration, how many VE will that require? Are we talking about one VE or are we looking at 100 VE? Similarly does the VE entrance fee scale with the notional value of the contract or is it a flat fee? Finally do you plan on listing VE on other crypto exchanges? Thank you.


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