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Monday, 26 September 2016 08:44

The Next "I Told You So" Concerning Deutsche Bank Will Hurt Depositors... A Lot! Featured

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Bloomberg reports "Germany Will Rescue Deutsche Bank If Necessary, Allianz Says", but Angela Merkel disagrees as RT reports "Deutsche Bank shares plummet to record low as Merkel rules out bailout". Let's get one thing straight. If the German taxpayer has to bail out DB, the German taxpayer and his/her economy is toast for the near term.


If there is no state aid, then the depositors of DB will get wiped. I made this warning crystal clear over the last 30 days in "Deustche Bank and the Anatomy Of A European Bank Run: Look at the Situation BEFORE The Run Occurs" and "Revisiting the Run on Deutsche Bank: Making the Hypothetical Frighteningly Realistic - You've Been Warned!".

 As a matter of fact, shareholders who subscribe had planty of time to not only get out, but to go short. Reference videos and reports from this time last year....

DB warning

ZeroHedge and Mish (prominent financial blogs) have queried who has significant exposure to DB and vice versa. Well, the Veritaseum subscription research report on the crumbling European banking system answeres that question. Paying subscribers can reference "Those 'Other' European Banks:The Impact of Rising NPLs". Paying subscribers can also reference "Derivative Risk Exposure of Major Banks to Deustche Bank". The questions are answered in exquitite detail therein.

 Our next article will continue to hammer home the liklhood that DB will have to recapitalize, and where they probably WONT'T be getting the money from, as well as the likelihood it will come from someone who really didn't plan on giving it up (Ahem, depositors/savers/checking account holders). For those who are not yet convinced, peruse these related items...

Here's What A Real, Live Veritaseum 5x Short DB Smart Contract Looks Like to Our Research Subscribers 

 If you haven't heard, we're giving out free, fully smart contracts as a 5% rebate to anyone who purchases any of our research packages above the introductory novice $50 level. This is not your Daddy's rebate! The rebate actually gets larger as DB goes down in price. For those who may be coming late to the party, we can offer a 5x long gold (or even a long gold, short DB) smart contract rebate as well. Of course, the bulk of our research targets banks and entities other than DB, but I thought we'd make DB the subject of the rebate to drive the point home. Below is an actual contract crafted off of the price of a single share of DB for about 2 weeks.


The research and knowledge subscription module "European Bank Contagion Assessment, Forensic Analysis & Valuation" contains a full report of a very large European Deutsche Bank counterparty that faces a full 27% downside from current levels. It appears as if no one suspects a clue. It also contains much, much more (including at least 3 to 5 suspect banks). We can break this apart a la carte, if requested.

As excerpted:

Susceptible Bank 1: Financial Modeling
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