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Friday, 09 September 2016 16:25

Deutsche Bank as Ground Zero? Featured

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Wells Fargo was recently fined $185 million for opening over a million fake accounts and credit cards. This got a lot of attention in the media. It is our assention that Deustche Bank's situation is far more worthy of attention.

DB credit woes

We all know how I feel about credit agencies...

Well, as slow as the ratings agencies are to pull the trigger, even they have downgraded DB to "subprime"...

Subscribe to European Bank Contagion Assessment, Forensic Analysis & Valuation to access our research on the Deutsche Bank counterparty that has a 27% potential downside near to medium term. It is one of the most thorough analyses of a bank that you are likely to ever have seen. Remember, we the guys to call Bear, Lehman, Countrywide and WaMu.

We are releasing new information on Deutsche Bank three times per week, with new free content and analysis coming out this weekend. In the meantime, this is what you may have missed:

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