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Tuesday, 05 April 2016 08:47

A Financial Industry First: Registered Hedge Funds Trading Real Value Via the Blockchain Without a Bank or Broker @Imagination, Tribeca Film Festival Featured

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Update: Demand for the Tribeca Film Festival Imagination day is greater than expected. It's way past sold out. Even the hedge funds are blocked from getting in. We're postponing bank disrupt demo.

Veritaseum has partnered up with Hatchery and Tribeca Film Festival to bring education, experience and insight into what is easily one of the most disruptive, status quo busting and misunderstood paradigm shifts of the new millennium  - the birth of the P2P economy and the ValuNet (the new “Internet of value”).

We are doing this through an amazing day of innovation and imagination @TribecaFilm Festival. Think the second coming of the Internet meets TED meets the economic Singularity.


By now, most of you have head of the blockchain, but many don’t realize how close the world actually is to realizing the transformational benefits this technology has to offer. The vast majority of the attention has been given to the tabloid episodes of bitcoin digital currency or the banks’ steady but ever so cautious route to blockchain experimentation and plans for implementation. At the Tribeca Film Festival, Veritaseum will publicly display a first - the actual, real-time disintermediation of the global banking system! Veritaseum, will feature a registered Hedge fund trading actual value live through the World Wide ValuNetwork, the P2P economy. The fund will:

  • Use its own, advanced trade setups (these will not be simple contracts, but advanced smart contracts);

  • Actual value will be committed (this is not a prototype or play money);

  • Transactions will be on  zero trust basis - no counterparty risk or credit risk will be involved;

  • Short term and longer term trades will be conducted across multiple asset classes, with near real time trade settlement;

  • and most importantly, not a single bank, broker or exchange will be involved.


Those who will be in attendance will witness the real time disintermediation of the legacy financial system (a system that has been in place for centuries) through the introduction of the peer-to-peer economy and see at least one market participant surf the ValuNet(work) for the first time.

We will have trading stations available for you to do your own trades as well, with real money and real contracts.

If that is not enough to whet your appetite for a glimpse into the future that’s available now, not only is Richard Branson there with a special film screening and the top woman scientist Regina Dugan former DARPA secret projects and now Google Advanced Projects - think Q :)  But the largest virtual reality activation with everyone in the audience experiencing a whole talk in live VR with the top VR creators on stage. Remember Second Life? The founder has now started High Fidelity - think Second Life meets VR. This is no regular tech event. This is showing you the world of the future now with CEOs and top innovators. Some of the smartest people doing some of the most amazing things.


Here’s more information - Can’t wait to see you there.


What's different about this event featuring Veritaseum, the World Wide ValuNet(work) and the peer-to-peer economy?

  1. The pressures of the great Financial Crisis of 2008 are repeating themselves, and doing so now (contact us for our proprietary research along these lines). These pressures will materially distract a banking industry looking to integrate a dramatically different technology into their back-end infrastructures. Basically, when the stinky brown stuff hits the fan blades, CEOs are not going to focus on installing faster fan blades. This leaves the doors wide open for the constituents of these entities to embark on widespread discovery of the World Wide ValuNet(work) and the P2P Economy.
  2. When this economic reset arrives, transactional advantages such as zero trust, low and zero counterpary and credit risks and immutability will take on an ever larger level of importance and mind share.
  3. Blockchain technology is peer-to-peer, hence the primary use case of the tech is to empower peers. This is the antithesis of the extant banking business model, which (by definition) requires hub and spoke/decentralized models for profits. If their clients and customers are enabled by P2P tech to do business directly with each other, then disintermediation will drive the revenues of the vast majority of these organizations towards zero, necessitating rampant consolidation, aggressive differentiation, and eventually, the demise of those who are slowest or least effective in response. This is a very obvious observation that is ALWAYS left out of the conversation. While consortia are moving to slowly run tests, Veritaseum will rapidly empower bank customers and clients (ex. hedge funds) do deal directly with each other without the assistance of banks, brokers or intermediaries. Welcome to the peer to peer capital markets.
  4. This technology is not analogous to building building a better web server or slicker browser. This is a game changer that transforms not only the way capital markets are put together, but the way individuals and entities interact with each other in the transfer, recognition and definition of value. While not being a zero sum game, it is much closer to such than many realize. Put frankly, many market participants will simply go away... permanently, while others will be forced to dramatically transform their business models. Some will do better, likely most will do worse. No matter how this unravels, things will look dramatically different much quicker than even the most prescient pundits predict.  
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