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Thursday, 15 October 2015 00:00

The Global Currency War - USA Edition Featured

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CNBC ran a very interesting article this morning, basically laying out the groundwork for the Fed to push interest rates lower - that's right, lower! This video puts it into perspectiveThe media and the so-called experts have been pontificating on whether the Fed will raise rates in September, or October, or was that September of last year, or the year before. Of course, there was one expert who made the common sense contrarian call...

Go to the 0:55 marker in the video to hear what I had to say at the beginning of the year (the whole video is worthwhile and prophetic for those who haven't seen it).

Click this link to hear this articulated perfectly by someone other than me. Please be aware that the US is basically firing it warning shots to let the world know it's re-entering the currency war, and no one... and I mean noone has the currency guns of the size of that of the US. This means that the ECB's QE program is as good as moot unless they double down (ponzi-style) and China and Japan are going to have to reload. It War, baby! I penned and entire series to educate one and all as to what's going on worldwide.

  1. Despite What You Don't Hear In The Media, It's ALL OUT (Currency) WAR! Pt. 1 -, as excerpted from Wikipedia: Currency war, also known as competitive devaluation, is a condition in international affairs where countries compete against each other to achieve a relati ... Created on 25 January 2015
  2. Stab, er... I Mean... Beggar Thy Neighbor - It's ALL OUT (Currency) WAR! Pt 2 - Here Comes The Boom! By now, everybody who cares knows about the Swiss National Bank's removal of its EUR floor, and the havoc that it caused to FX brokerages around the world (Currency Brokers Fightin ... Created on 26 January 2015
  3. As US Companies Report, Signs of Imported Unemployment/Deflation Appear: It's ALL OUT (Currency) WAR! Pt. 2.5 - In "Despite What You Don't Hear In The Media, It's ALL OUT (Currency) WAR! Pt. 1" I detailed what happened the only other time in modern history we've had a global currency war:  ... currency ... Created on 27 January 2015
  4. It's All Out War, Pt 3: Is the Danish Krone Peg to Euro More Fragile Than Glass Beads? The Danish National Bank Infers So! ... t it is highly unlikely that the Swiss will be the only nation that realizes it can't run lockstep with the behemoth that is the ECB in devaluing its currency. Expect to see practically all of the nor ... Created on 10 February 2015
  5. Translating Goldman Sachs 2015 Recommendations As UltraCoin Trade Setups pt 2 ... 50 long ETF (speculating that the top 50 EZ equities will rise from currency wars & QE) and pay exposure to the ProShares Ultra Euro ETF (ULE) (with minimum of 2x leverage set in UltraCoin client, ...
  6. Monetizing The Spear That The Swiss National Bank Hurled At Swiss Banks and Insurers
  7. "Fu$k the Fundamentals!": Negative Rates In EU Will Absolutely Wreck the Very System the ECB Sought to Save - ... t's not as if there's that much equity in the system. Once two or three counterparties "legally" default, the system comes tumbling down! Take your own high leverage positions on every soveriegn, cur ...
  8. How to Blow a Trillion Dollars and Look Like You (Don't) Know What You're Doing While Blowing It -
    ...  I declared that it was not going to work as planned. As a matter of fact, I made it clear that there is clear evidence of diminishing returns in QE currency wars as a form of monetary policy, reference: ...
For those who want to know where all of this came from, read... 

The Central Banker's Definition of Money is Obviously Wrong, And That's Not Taking Into Consideration Veritaseum Technology and also The Real Definition of Money in a Modern Economy

David Stockman throws some truth on a pile of lies.

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