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The Street Finally Realizes The Power of the Google Biz Model Featured

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In 2010 I declared Google to be one of the most powerful, promising and undervalued internet companies of our time. Much of Google's value rests outside of its core advertising business, which is in and of itself a perpetual minting machine. This is the report that I offered my paid subscribers, a literal tour de force, particularly considering what most institutions are use to getting from the sell side sales machine.

Google Final Report Sep 29 Page 05Google Final Report Sep 29 Page 57

Fast forward 5 years and we have the last of the sell side holdouts discovering the truth, using a sum of the parts valuation that I pioneered for Google 5 years ago.  

YouTube, Android, Search, AdWords/AdSense, driverless cars, Drive/Docs, Voice, Fiber, Maps, Gmail (and more) ... All multi-billion dollar businesses and most are potential (or actual) multi-billion dollar revenue generators as well. If valued separately and rolled up, would be materially more than what Google is trading at today. Google is also in the unique position of capitalizing on cross product synergies that no other company really has the depth, breaddth adn reach to produce. The closest competitor with potential synergies would likely be Facebook (watch out for them!), and they are not even close yet - but they are getting there.
The Veritaseum Trade
In case you are not aware as of yet, the BoomBustBlog blog research and investment advisory team is back in action under Veritaseum. Ping me if you are interested in research to be used with out trading platform. Insitutional beta testers of the platform will get the research for free.
Next up, I will explain why the banks and real estate companies will get booped once again. I can even give you a relatively granular approximation of when, and what trades to set up and how to do it. You see, it's all about...
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