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Monday, 29 June 2015 00:00

As Foretold In 2010, Greece Was GUARANTEED to Default, Regardless Of Any Aid It May Have Received Featured

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Between the years of 2009 and 2012 I announced to the world that there will be a pan-European sovereign debt crisis. I gave a LOT of evidence, and even put estimated timelines. Greece was one of the targets, and as I anticipated they got bailouts (actually 3 of them). Still, I pontificated that even with 3 bailouts Greece will destined to be at the mercy of the markets in 2 years (which would have been 2014). Well, today - June 2015 - here we go. Pretty good in terms of timing, no?


Greece is Guaranteed to Default No Matter What Happens

Two months ago, I gave the warning to all EU bank residents that it was time to download a Veritasuem wallet and start to convert large amounts of there cash holdings into BTC, to then hedge against your favored currency (ex. USD) or asset (ex. gold, US treasury). This was done with an explcit "how to", reference EU Area Residents' Step-by-Step Guide to Escaping the Upcoming Bank Bail-ins & Capital Controls. As of today, stringent capital controls have been applied to the Greek economy and it's citizens through its banks (via bank holiday). 

Also included in the tutorial, was a list of countries that had man Greece-like features, countries. There's actually a whole list of countries included and there should be little shock of one or a few of them start to implode. For those that may dismiss this as run of the mill luck, or doomsday prophecies, keep in mind that we put a lot of objective analysis into our work. This was a quartely update that I gave to my blog subscribers 3 years and 3 months ago.

Greeces biggest issues is a negative primary balance. They basically spend a lot more than they recieve, so even if they don't pay their loans back (or even pay the interest on their loans) they are still going to default. This is exacerbated by EACH and EVERY emergency loan that they get because it piles even more debt onto them - and they don't stand a chance of servicing the debt that they already have.

Greece is Guaranteed to Default No Matter What Happens 2

Greece is Guaranteed to Default No Matter What Happens 3

Greece is Guaranteed to Default No Matter What Happens 4

Greece is Guaranteed to Default No Matter What Happens 1

Today, as the bank holidays and capital controls in Greece start in earnest, those who would have heeded my call would not only have full mobility in their monies, but full control as well. While the capital control escape may be too late for the Greeks to take advantage of, there are about 14 other countries full of people who really, really need to read the tutorial and start mobilizing and hedging their capital. Read the tutorial, download the wallet and start protecting yourself from bail-ins and capital controls.


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