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The Unbundling of a Money Center Bank Featured

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FinTech investment has been increasing dramatically, and I don't mean just the last year or two...

Is the rapid ramp-up in FinTech funding the dawn of the death of a thousand cuts to the traditional banking business model?

Unbundling of a bank V2 cropped

As per CBinsights: "we wanted to dig in and see how banks are being unbundled by startups. The graphic below details companies attacking bank services ranging from robo-advisers wealth management services like Wealthfront and Betterment to small business loan companies like OnDeck Capital and Kabbage to small business service providers like Zenefits and ZenPayroll, and many other areas."

At Veritaseum, we are approaching the larger revenue streams and the most profitable business units, transaction asset managment, prime brokerage. By implementing "smart contract" and blockchain technologty into the transaction process, we dramatically reduce time, increase transparency/auditability/safety, reduce costs and increase profits - all at the same time.

Veritaseum Pitch Deck

T40 minute trade settling

Veritaseum technology was custom designed by world renown banking valuation expert and CEO, Reggie Middleton, to disintermediate the money center banks by slicing margin at the most lucrative profit centers. 

JPM profit statement

Please reference "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. It Will Not Be Decentralized, But It Will Be Distributed" for more on this topic.

Download Veritaseum here.

Purchase our tradeable token, Veritase - the intellectual capital commodity, here.

Contact Veritaseum here.

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