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Wednesday, 01 April 2015 00:00

How the Danish Central Bank is Destroying the Danish Citizens' Wealth Form Both Sides While Stressing It's Banks Featured

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About two months ago, I posted "It's All Out War, Pt 3: Is the Danish Krone Peg to Euro More Fragile Than Glass Beads? The Danish National Bank Infers So!" wherein I feel I made a rather cogent argument against the fidelity of the Danish peg to the euro. Yes, they have not made the same mistakes that Switzerland made when they engaged in, and broker their ped - they're making a whole different set of mistakes. I urge all to read (re-read) that piece and then review the inforgraphic-like graphic below which was created to illustrate the folly of printing for printing's sake to those who may not quite grasp the concept of more currency not being the equivalent of being wealthier.

As always, you can use the Veritaseum platform to take our positions, whatever they may be.

Danish Central Bank prints risk into its economy

So, will Denmark break its peg to the euro? Who knows, but I can guarantee you that the probability is much, much higher than the Danish Central Bankers are proclaiming. If they break the peg, go long the DKKEUR pair, if they don't break the peg, short their banks. It's possible to construct a decent risk weighted reward trade from this - despite the fact this iis dated information. If any of you do make a Veritaseum-powered profit, be sure to send the Danish Central Bank a thank you note, and Cc: us while you're at it.

Note: The 7,000x leverage setting is illustrative only! It is impractical to use leverage rates that high. Danish Central Bank prints risk into its economy1

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