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Wednesday, 25 March 2015 00:00

Veritas, Commoditized Intellectual Capital: Use Case # 2 - Forensic Research for Value Trading Featured

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Yesterday, I illustrated a detailed use case for a Veritas purchase for the institutional investor (pension fund, sovereign wealth fund, family office, etc.). In essence, I explained how we can provide those entities with exposure to the venture capital asset class without the excessive fees and 10 year commitments which lead to an extreme lack of liquidity - reference Venture Capital Mis-allocation, Illiquidity & Disintermediation: Veritas Use Case #1.

Today we illustrate a Veritas use case for the professional and/or self directed investor. The team that delivered award winning research at BoomBustBlog is available for packaged and bespoke research to be use with the Veritas Value Trading Platform. Here's the result and some research samples (you can download the historical research example here - Apple Margin Compression Analysis and Forensic Valuation Note [PDF])...

AAPL research example

Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 01

Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 10Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 03Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 04Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 05Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 06Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 07Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 08Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 09Apple -Competition and Cost Structure - unlocked Page 10

See our Quick Start Guide for details on how to conduct a purchase.

When: From March 14 to April 25, 2015, or until we sell all 21M Veritas, whichever comes first. If you purchase them within the first fifteen days of the sale, you will get a discount off of the retail price. Please see this presentation to learn more. Click here to view as full page presentation.

The tokens will be transferable - free to be bought and sold between customers and purchasers and potentially on crypto-exchanges. A 13% discount will be in effect for those who purchase the tokens within 24 hours of the sale's commencement. Those who miss the first twenty four hour period can still purchase the tokens at a sliding discounted price for up to 14 days. 


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