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This message is for Reggie please,

Hello Reggie it's has been a very long to since I spoke to you on the phone on or around about three years ago. I'm glad to see that you doing well. Damn ! I missed out on investing earlier but as they say it's never too late. You helped me to setup my account with your company but now I'm having trouble remembering my login and password. It seems to me the email is not synced with what I'm putting in. I do have my wallet address but no password. Is there a way I can retrieve my account without having to create a new one? Please get back to me so I may submit may submit to you my wallet ID if needed. Have you talked to Max Kaiser lately. Please let me know if it's possible to get into my account with a wallet ID. I don't have a password or don't remember it. I would love to be a part of your team becuase the train is about to leave the station for good and I don't want to miss the last round, because I've always liked your approach to Block-chain and or Bitcoin. I'm very glad for you and hope all is well. Here is my number if needed (802) 766-3044 mobile (802)829-8073

Best Regards