Friday, 05 March 2021

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Our latest post illustrating the optimistically dovish reporting of Bloomberg on the EU situation (reference ) discusses:

  • The ridiculously optimistic views of the media and the sell side analystical community
    • The actual and likely effects of Brexit on the UK and the EU
    • The near guaranteed contagion effect of Italy, Britain and Germany's lagging economies combined with barely profitable banks with poisoned balance sheets and bad derivative positions
    Let's have the discussion here.

  •

    The beginner's corporate valuation course in Veritaseum University (see ) came about from a discussion that my teenage son had with me about the profits he made buying Adidas (the German athletic footwear and apparel company) stock. The stock essentially doubled this calendar year, outperforming many if not all of it's peers. As he told me his story, I noted that Nike was a bigger company with very strong growth metrics, to which he replied Adidas had just signed many promising marketing deals with Kanye West (Yeezy's), etc.

    The question du jour was, "Is Adidas fairly valued, overvalued, or is the market totally missing the boat and the company undervalued?" This lesson, the accompany valuation model, and the video is the culmination of the discussion that came about from our joint efforts to answer this question.

    During this course you will learn the essentials of evaluating a company and their share price. We will go over how to create a spreadsheet that uses a corporation's financial data to determine what a companies share price should be vs what it is. We build a model right in front of you that you can use for the life of owning this lesson. It is viewable online as a Google Sheets document, and downloadable as an Excel file.

    We want ample and interactive student participation with this exercise, and feedback we can continue this exercise into several other companies. We are eyeing the private unicorns, Uber and Lyft as a second exercise, although those will likely be part of a totally separate learning module.
    Visit the learning module now, while we discuss aspects of it in this forum


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    I'd like to kick off a discussion about the relative and nominal valuations of Uber and Lyft. Lyft has been trying to sell itself for $9B with no... Show more

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