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The whispers are getting louder regarding the software known as Veritaseum. The software, also known as the ECR20 Token on Ethereum, VERI, is poised to disin...

Tracy Ann Davis
Tracy Ann Davis Hey Derrick Montgomery thanks for the video great energy and really speaks to my roots being a Jamaican. I have recently started following Reggie Middleton and cryptocurrencies in genera so in addition to being a newbie, l am coming in with some really humble resources yet I am very excited about the Veri Tokens! 1 year ago

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ReggieMiddleton RT @KingOfCoinz: @ReggieMiddleton I wish I could be there the roadmap for Veritaseum a year ago is literally what…
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ReggieMiddleton I am on my way to the Miami Bitcoin conference. Anyone who wants to sit down and talk tokenized metals, macro and V…
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