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Miracle Studios began the search on the side of a transgender actress who would consolidate the first off transgender rune in the recital of the universe. The anti-heroine in the ahead of time casting inject was specified the nom de plume “Jessica” and is to appear in the fog to which the works order start in 2020.

It seems that Astonished at has absolutely begun to fulfill the promises made to the fans to better the mob of non-heteronormative heroes. The president of the studio, Kavin Faigh, said in June this year: “We are not hiding that this command materialize and that numberless more valued heroes and heroes of LGBT command appear in the future.”

This leisure, the search for a transgender actress began with the original production. The happy of the commercial reads: “A transgender actress aged 20 to 30 with any ethnic backstage is sought on the role.” Fans and fans speculate that she could be embodied in the form of Sera – a heroine associated with the exactly of Thor and the most public ambassador of trans people in the universe.