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Good Day there Reggie. Wanted to let you know that the Official Press release for the X Prize finalist has been announced and Professor James McCanney has been selected as one of the finalist with his JMCC WING TM Generator. We are really pushing this technology and the fact that this could be a major disrupter in the energy production field.

Date: March 22, 2018

To: Veritaseum
Attention: Reggie Middleton

Regarding: JMCC WING, LLC – one of five finalists in Water Abundance
XPRIZE powered by Tata Group and Australian Aid

From: Thomas Ford McFadden

Peace and Blessings to you this day there Reggie and you high class group of disrupters. I hope that this day finds you doing well and also may all of your travels be sacred and safe. I wanted to make sure you got this today.

JMCC WING, LLC – one of five finalists in Water Abundance XPRIZE powered by Tata Group and Australian Aid
March 22, 2018 (South Point, Hawaii) -- Using two technology advancements, JMCC WING, LLC (Delaware) qualified for a $50,000 Milestone Award in the Water Abundance XPRIZE powered by Tata Group and Australian Aid. The competition began with 98 teams worldwide and now five finalist teams have been selected to compete in the final round for the Grand Prize this July (2018) to efficiently harvest water from air using renewable energy. The McCanney WING Generator (Patents pending – JMCC WINGTM) is the power source for their line of Atmospheric Water Generators. This ushers in “The Jet Age of Wind Energy” according to owner and inventor Physicist James McCanney.
The Water Abundance XPRIZE requires the atmospheric water to cost less than two cents per liter using only renewable energy. Teams cannot use grid power. Standard alternative energy sources such as the three blade wind generators or solar are far too expensive to meet this low figure. Enter McCanney’s invention the WING Generator, which can scale to very large sizes. McCanney says “someday the WING will scale large enough to replace nuclear and coal fired electrical power plants with a single unit.” Other WING applications include energy for pumping water, desalinization, farms, car charging stations, compressed air, mining (both physical and crypto mining) and more.
The WING is Eco-Friendly. Birds see it and fly around. There will be only a few not thousands covering the landscape. They are graceful and beautiful people love to watch them. They are silent (no high vibration or noise) and are easily maintained since all heavy equipment is on ground level.
McCanney states that since the WING works efficiently from low to very high wind speeds, its patented design extracts far more energy than previous wind generators. The cost per unit of energy goes down exponentially with increasing size. His “Distributed Energy” philosophy, published in his 2009 book “McCanney WING Generator – World Energy Project”, shows how one day a distributed network of large WING Generators will power all our energy needs including electric transportation, while providing clean water for the world.
The JMCC WING Team needs your support to bring this technology to fruition and not only win the Water Abundance XPRIZE, but also bring this into full manufacturing for the vast world market. We can finally bring an end to lack of energy and water for the 3.5 billion people in the world who lack these basic necessities. With reliable inexpensive energy and water, the people will produce food and have hygiene and a new way of life. We are on the verge of changing the world with these emergent technologies.

I sincerely thank you for your time and effort Reggie and I hope to hear from you soon.

By the way I would really like to have a discussion with you in regards to looking at the JMCC WING TM Generator for application, adoption and use for the Lakota tribe on South Dakota. This technology could help the Lakota tribe become an energy provider with the use of the Wing Generator and also tie into the grid to provide energy for the northern states as well. On the website for the National Congress of American Indians under the heading of Energy and Minerals they quote the Energy department stating “The Department of Energy estimates that wind power from tribal lands could satisfy 32 percent of total US electricity demand, and tribal solar resources could generate twice the total amount of energy needed to power the country.”

The JMCC WING TM Generator could be the technology that could be used to develop a nationwide distributed energy platform that could produce 100% of the energy needed to power the United States of America and allow the tribal nations to become energy independent and also provide thousand of good paying jobs as well. We are pursuing a project this day to convert a coal plant to using the JMCC WING TM Generator on a distributed energy platform on tribal lands and the tribe owns the transmission lines going to over 1 million customers. Also when you look at the impact this could have on mining operations the potential is incredible. Genesis Mining is currently spending 2.4 million a month on energy alone at just one site

If you would kindly acknowledge the receipt of this message I would appreciate it.

You can also speak with Professor James McCanney at 423-714-9457.

My contact number is 657-218-6196.


Thomas Ford McFadden

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