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Reuters (and to be fair, probably most others) Fails To Understand What Happened To Intel and the PC Industry

Reuters reports "Intel to cut up to 12,000 jobs as PC industry swoons". I disagree. Yes, it does appear that Intel will be cutting a lot of jobs, and quite likely ~12,000, but its not because the PC industry is swooning. It's because the PC has been undergone a paradigm shift. Personal computers have literally become handheld and Intel missed the boa, which has now sailed.

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As Experts & Speculators Await Higher Oil Prices, I Anticipate A New Energy Paradigm: Monetize Your Outlook Through Veritaseum

"Low oil price is a function of excessive supply+true demand realization" - Reggie Middleton

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A Take On How Negative Interest Rates Hurt Banks That You Will Not See Anywhere Else

The Bank of Japan and the ECB are assisting me in teaching the world's savers, banking clients and corporations about the benefits of blockchain-based finance for the masses. How? Today, the Wall Street Journal published "Negative Rates: How One Swiss Bank Learned to Live in a Subzero World":

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