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Thursday, 01 January 2015 00:00

What is Veritaseum?

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With nothing more than a 15 second download of our trading client (no signups, registrations, no accounts) you can:

  1. Create your own bespoke, custom trading vehicles to...
  2. Directly trade peer-to-peer and OTC, exposure to over 45,000 ticker symbols...
  3. In any asset class...
  4. From exchanges from around the world...
  5. Without an exchange or broker...
  6. With up to 10,000x digital leverage...
  7. Without fear of margin calls or negative equity...
  8. While eliminating practically all counterparty/default/credit risks...
  9. For the least expensive transaction and leverage costs in the industry - as little as 5 bp.

Eliminate your broker, exchange and clearing house - all while actually increasing the safety of your trading.

See how Veritaseum uses the groundbreaking technology of the blockchain to literally transform the way value is transacted, worldwide.

Veritaseum is the startup founded by Reggie Middleton, formed to hold the intellectual property behind what used to be called the UltraCoin project - now rebranded as Veriaseum. It holds the IP for several unique, innovative value sharing, value transfer and value trading platforms.

Veritaseum uses only bitcoin, and subsists completely on the bitcoin blockchain. It is the only bitcoin wallet system that can trade simple and complex value structures without using non-bitcoin tokens, alt coins, sidechains or alternative blockchains. It can trade the value of over 45,000 tickers in all asset classes, from major exchanges from all around the world. At it’s essence, Veritaseum is a hyper-intelligent Bitcoin wallet “system” that is able to create and interpret smart contracts through the blockchain. It coordinates with an Oracle to gain access to conventional, physical and legacy financial data and information and uses it to price, value, trade and settle OTC, P2P financial instruments - all in BTC.

Download the Veritaseum Trading Wallet now, or read more about what sets it apart from the pack:

  1. Why Almost Nobody (and I mean ALMOST NOBODY) Gets Bitcoin: Part 1 - the Definition
  2. DACe, Disintermediation and the Death of Wall Street
  3. The Veritaseum Public Pitch Deck

Or read our blog to learn more...

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download 1

"You're going to put JP Morgan out of business! The banks are going to hate you!" 


21 People in the New York FinTech Scene You Need to Know About...

“The disintermediation caused by Middleton’s UltraCoin has the potential to disrupt the brokerage industry.” 


"At least one of the top global money center banks have approached us, and I expect to hear from at least 3 of the top 6!"

MP3 technology combined with innovative business models have cut the music industry profits in half, and they're not coming back!  I query all banking execs, 'Do you want to get MP3'd?'"

 download  "You are building a virtual Goldman Sachs on top of Bitcoin!"
 fortune-logo Middleton sounds a bit like an 18th-century pirate striking back against the Empire when he declares that “what I’m doing right now is a direct threat to fiat merchant banking.” 
hashOG  It’s the perfect storm of disruption, as it renders trading fees, brokerage fees, and those infamous Wall Street bonuses obsolete. The sheer scale of disruption this technology brings with it makes it something to watch. 

“Veritaseum is ripe for a strategic investor to approach us before the end of the calendar year, likely before we’re able to go for our Series B round. Strategic investors include payment processors, global banks, and innovative technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Apple.”


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